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  • Added: (2015-07-02 10:52:00)
  • Hello Everybody and welcome to Video Viewer shopper !

    We are glad to announce Videoviewer Shopper is up and running. ;o}

    Please post Videos Photos Image blogs e-mail or anything you want to communicate on this website. We ask only commond scence and request all material be of legal content. That being said just a few ideas to our members , enjoy posting your goods for sale or anything related to name Videoviewershopper.com. There is a paid feature on this site. We encourage small to large business  activity in the arts commuities .But your welcome to have a privite pay entrance to your content. Such as a business video you want to post to your boss but want to keep the public viewing limited. No problem.! We make our money from advertising and the paid section of this site. keep in mind we want to continue to support your video viewing pleasure and your business venture post ! Thank You for your support

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